Learn AdWords in Under an Hour with WordStream & Skillshare

Learning paid search is hard – and it’s harder on your own! So many paid search marketers are self-taught, and it can take months to fully understand the fundamentals, create keywords, write ads, and launch your first campaigns – and then even longer to fix some mistakes you learn too late! But not all advertisers have the time to learn paid search, and even fewer have the budget to make mistakes in their first campaigns.

Well, if you’re struggling with this yourself, you’re in luck: WordStream recently paired with SkillShare to launch a full class to help you master Google AdWords fundamentals and launch your first paid search campaign! I do a lot internal training here at WordStream, so I’ll be your instructor through this course.

You can watch a teaser of the course here:

During the one-hour course, split up into 11 videos, you’ll learn how to manage your first Google AdWords campaign, create your keywords, write amazing paid search ads, structure your ad groups and campaigns, and how to measure your success.

Beyond just getting started, you’ll also learn strategies for maintaining your campaigns by reducing your wasted spend, adding negative keywords, adjusting your bids, and refining the audiences that see your ads.

The course is hosted on SkillShare and covers everything you’ll need to know to launch your first Google AdWords campaign – in just under an hour. Courses on SkillShare can be streamed anytime and on any device, and best of all, SkillShare members can watch this class (or any other of their 17,000+ classes) for free!

To learn more on the Fundamentals of Google AdWords, enroll in the course here and enjoy a free 2-month subscription to SkillShare’s full library of 17,000+ classes. You can ask me questions or interact with other students in the class in the “Community” tab, and there’s even a project (think of it as homework) to test your knowledge.

After completing the course, you’ll have your first AdWords campaign up and running and you can continue to learn through WordStream’s free PPC University or optimize your new campaign using our free Google AdWords Grader. SkillShare also offers plenty of other courses for digital marketers looking to learn more about SEO, social media, email marketing, web design, and more, so start exploring!

About the author:

Mark is a Senior Data Scientist at WordStream, focused on research and training for the everchanging world of PPC. He was named the 5th Most Influential PPC Expert of 2017 by PPC Hero. You can follow him on TwitterLinkedIn, Google +, and SkillShare.

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