LinkedIn Profile Update

Take your LinkedIn Profile to the next level and turn it into a powerful tool that highlights your experiences, skills and impresses your network.

Writing about yourself is hard, let’s face it. Most of us simply just copy our resumes into our LinkedIn profiles and think that would work, down the line we start wondering why we aren’t gaining any traction.

LinkedIn profiles are not resumes… it is so much more, Your LinkedIn Profile is your opportunity to engage with your connection and to build your Professional Brand. When your profile is strategically written it gives you the traction to reach your connections and connect with new connection much easier.

LinkedIn is an unbelievably important asset for your professional and business development.

Why Choose this Programme?

Ever wondered how to write a LinkedIn Profile? Our team of experts will guide and you forge a strong professional brand that SHINES! Our team holds a very high standard of quality content writing and customer service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our mission is to strategically align your LinkedIn profile to your goals and target audience so you can reach your true potential.

LinkedIn Power Update

Profile Questionnaire: Our team has worked on hundreds of LinkedIn profiles and we know exactly the right questions to ask. We have designed a questionnaire to gather the most important information we need to update your LinkedIn Profile

Headline Update: Our team will craft a new LinkedIn Headline that showcases skills and outlines your careers current and future goals.

Rewriting of Summary: Your LinkedIn Summary is extremely important, our team will completely rework and rewrite your summary to incorporate your new goals and branding.

Experiences Update: Whether you have new experiences to add or a past experience to end, our team of specialist will make sure your Experiences are aligned with your new path and direction.

Additional Profile Information: Our team will also update your profile with a new profile picture, background image, upload rich media, add additional sections like Publications, Honors & Awards, etc…according to your needs.

SEO: We will make you’re your complete profile is organically optimized with the right keywords to help get your profile found & seen by the right people.

Revisions: Our team will set up a time to present you your newly updated profile and review it with you. They are there to make any edits or revisions with you and answer any questions you have on the profile they updated for you.

Template or Upload: You can choose, our team can upload your newly crafted profile directly to LinkedIn or we can provide you with the content in a template format for you.


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